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  • Der Stadtpark in Neuerburg/Eifel
  • Die Burg Neuerburg in der Eifel
  • Die modern eingerichteten Schlafzimmer im Schlosshotel Neuerburg/Eifel

    Motorcycling in the South Eifel - fun on bends and sights

    Empty Eifel curveThe Southern Eifel in West Germany - a paradise for bikers

    The southern Eifel is not only known for its picturesque landscapes and historical sights, but also for an almost endless network of small, low-traffic side roads with hairpin bends, hairpin bends and long curves. These routes meander through the region and offer a variety of attractive routes for both beginners and advanced pleasure riders on two, three or four wheels.

    Welcome to the Schlosshotel Neuerburg - a refuge for bikers

    We warmly welcome motorcyclists to our Schlosshotel Neuerburg. We understand your passion and not only offer comfortable rooms and warm hospitality, but also sufficient storage space for your two-wheelers. Even wet motorcycle clothing can find a dry place with us.


    Culinary delights and conviviality after the tour

    After an exciting tour through the southern Eifel, we invite you to enjoy a home-style meal with us. Our diverse menu offers regional delicacies that will satisfy even the hungriest biker. And for the perfect end to an eventful day, you can enjoy a well-deserved beer or two in our cozy inn.

    Discover the beauty of the Southern Eifel on two wheels and make the Schlosshotel Neuerburg your point of contact for unforgettable motorcycle adventures. Welcome to a region where nature, culture and culinary enjoyment are on the route. We look forward to welcoming you and making your motorcycle tours in the South Eifel an unforgettable experience.


    Here is a short Eifel tour with many sights



    The castle hotel in Neuerburg, near the Luxembourg border

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    Schloss-Hotel-Restaurant-Pension-Familie Kruft

    54673 Neuerburg/Südeifel
    Bitburger Straße 13
    Telefon +49 6564 2373

    60 beds · Guesthouse · Restaurant · Guesthouse · Bowling alley


    Schloss Hotel Neuerburg

      Bitburger Straße 13

      D-54673 Neuerburg/Südeifel

      +49 6564 2373




    Schlosshotel Neuerburg is a hotel and restaurant located in the breathtaking region of Southern Eifel in Germany.

    Our mission is to provide our guests with unforgettable moments and introduce them to the beauty of the Southern Eifel. We value quality, hospitality, and excellence in everything we do.

    Our rooms are cozy and comfortably furnished, offering a relaxing retreat for travelers and vacationers.

    For a more casual atmosphere, our restaurant or pub next door invites you to enjoy sociable evenings.

    Schlosshotel Neuerburg caters to tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the Southern Eifel and to travelers seeking a charming place to stop. We are committed to providing each guest with a memorable stay.