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    Welcome to Neuerburg - a climatic health resort in the German-Luxembourg Nature Park

    Geography and environment

    Neuerburg, a picturesque town in the heart of the German-Luxembourg Nature Park, is gently nestled in the Enz valley and stretches along the wooded slopes of the surrounding mountains, which are formed from slate rock and characterize the western Eifel. The eponymous Neuerburg towers majestically above the city.

      The city of Neuerburg is proudly known as a state-recognized climatic health resort.

    The “beer town” of Bitburg stretches just 25 km southeast, while Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany, is 54 km south. And if you look west, the impressive Grand Duchy of Luxembourg begins, just 17 km from Neuerburg. Welcome to a region that combines nature, culture and relaxation.


    Cityscape and history of the city of Neuerburg

    11 Hohlstrasse

    Smaller houses and winding streets characterize the cityscape. The 500-year-old late Gothic parish church of St. Nicholas stands out on a rock. Above it is the keep with battlements and the former bailiff's building, now the rectory, as well as the partially restored remains of the former castle complex of unknown origin. The place was able to retain parts of its medieval character.

    The place was first mentioned in a city charter in 1332. Friedrich, Lord of Brandenburg (Luxembourg) and Neuerburg, sealed the freedom rights of the town's residents. The castle complex itself dates back to the 12th century, when the feudal lords of the county of Vianden were liable to pay tribute.

    18 Kirche

    The entrance to the keep, a mighty gate tower, has served as the church's bell tower since ancient times.

    In 1692, during the War of the Palatinate Succession, troops of King Louis With the occupation of the left bank of the Rhine by French revolutionary troops in 1794, the place became French, and in 1814 it was assigned to the Kingdom of Prussia at the Congress of Vienna. After a city fire in 1818, people used stones from the city wall to build houses. Temporarily occupied by the French again after the First World War, the town has been part of the newly founded state of Rhineland-Palatinate since 1947.


    Things worth seeing around the city of Neuerburg

    • Castle with fortifications. In 1926, the Youth Association of New Germany took over the dilapidated remains and turned them into a youth hostel.
    • Black screen. A 46 cm tall wooden figure in a 700-year-old oak tree ruin, donated by Kuno von Falkenstein, became a pilgrimage image. She resembles the Black Mother of God of Altötting.
    • Plague Cross. The plague cross, a niche cross, richly decorated on the shaft, is a reminder of the city's plagues, most recently in 1636.
    • Eligius Chapel. The chapel from 1437 and the Eligius fountain are reminiscent of St. Eligius.
    • Market fountain. The more recent bronze work by the Aachen artist Bonifatius Stirnberg shows club life and traditional crafts in the city.

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    Impressions from the city of Neuerburg:

    The feudal houseCafe Brunker Market SquareVolksbank on the market squareThe marketplaceThe Marian columnWirtzhaus "Zum Beilsturm" on the market square in the town of Neuerburg in the Eifel / West GermanyThe market square in the town of Neuerburg in the Eifel / West GermanyThe market square in the town of Neuerburg in the Eifel / West GermanySide street behind the market square in the town of Neuerburg in the Eifel / West GermanyThe hollow roadSide street The market square in the town of Neuerburg in the Eifel / West GermanyPharmacy on the marketThe Hohlstrasse directly behind the market squareA beautiful narrow street with a view of the rectoryThe gate tower in the city of Neuerburg in West GermanyThe Catholic church in the town of Neuerburg in West GermanyNeuerburg Castle from the 11th centuryThe castle ruins in the town of Neuerburg in the EifelView of the city of Neuerburg from the viewing platformNeuerburg Castle from the 11th centuryThe city of Neuerburg in West GermanyThe town pond in the park of NeuerburgThe popular city slide for young and oldChildren's playground in the city of Neuerburg in West GermanyChildren's playground NeuerburgCity of Neuerburg in West Germany

    The castle hotel in Neuerburg, near the Luxembourg border

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    Schloss Hotel Neuerburg

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    Schlosshotel Neuerburg is a hotel and restaurant located in the breathtaking region of Southern Eifel in Germany.

    Our mission is to provide our guests with unforgettable moments and introduce them to the beauty of the Southern Eifel. We value quality, hospitality, and excellence in everything we do.

    Our rooms are cozy and comfortably furnished, offering a relaxing retreat for travelers and vacationers.

    For a more casual atmosphere, our restaurant or pub next door invites you to enjoy sociable evenings.

    Schlosshotel Neuerburg caters to tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the Southern Eifel and to travelers seeking a charming place to stop. We are committed to providing each guest with a memorable stay.