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The room facilities of the Schloss-Hotel

Our spacious rooms

The bright, friendly rooms are equipped with care, as all rooms are equipped with shower / WC / TV and offer you comfort and cosiness. Our hotel, with its guest house, is an ideal starting point for hikes or excursion rides in the Eifel. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy all seasons in the "Schlosshotel Neuerburg"!

Our spacious hotel rooms are equipped with:

  • Shower and toilet
  • large balcony
  • View of the river Enz and our guesthouse
  • Garden furniture
  • additional children bed


3 Eifel Zimmer Schlosshotel2 Eifel Zimmer Schlosshotel


6 Eifel Zimmer Schlosshotel1 Eifel Zimmer Schlosshotel

4 Eifel Zimmer Schlosshotel

8 Bad Schlosshotel Neuerburg
















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