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    Welcome to our restaurant - culinary diversity and cosiness

    Eifel restaurantDiscover our home-style cuisine

    In our spacious and relaxed restaurant you can expect a variety of delicious dishes that will make the hearts of lovers of good, home-style cuisine beat faster. We pride ourselves on serving traditional and tasty dishes that will delight every palate.

    Our menu not only offers a wide selection for the adults, but also a separate section for the little ones. We warmly welcome families and we attach great importance to offering even our youngest guests a special culinary experience.

    You are also welcome to bring your beloved dog with you, as four-legged friends are also welcome guests in our restaurant-friendly atmosphere.

    Discover the variety of our dishes and let yourself be enchanted by the cosiness of our restaurant. We look forward to welcoming you and offering you an unforgettable culinary experience.

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    The menu in the Schlosshotel-Neuerburg restaurant

    lunch menu

    11,00 €
    Sundays and public holidays
    16,00 €


    soup of the day
    3,50 €
    Gulash soup
    4,50 €
    chicken soup
    4,50 €


    crab cocktail
      9,00 €
    Honeydew melon with Eifel premium ham
      8,00 €
    Queen Pate
      8,00 €
    Shrimp skewers
    10,50 €

    meat dishes

    Turkey schnitzel in curry sauce with fruit
    15,00 €
    Pork schnitzel
    12,00 €
    Hunter's Schnitzel
    15,00 €
    Gypsy schnitzel
    15,00 €
    cream schnitzel
    15,00 €
    Wiener Schnitzel
    17,00 €
    Cordon bleu "in the style of the house"
    21,00 €
    Rump steak with mushrooms, onions or herb butter
    27,00 €
    pepper steak
    27,00 €
    all meat dishes with French fries and salad

    Fish dishes

    Pike perch fillet fried in butter with boiled potatoes and salad
    19,00 €


    3 fried eggs with French fries and salad
      9,00 €
    Omelette with mushrooms or ham, French fries and salad
    10,00 €
    Seasonal salad plate
      9,00 €

    Children's meals

    4 fish fingers with French fries
    6,00 €
    1 meat sausage with French fries
    6,00 €
    Small schnitzel with French fries
    6,00 €


    Mixed ice cream with cream
    4,50 €
    fruit cup
    6,00 €
    6,00 €
    Dame blanche with warm chocolate sauce
    6,00 €
    Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries
    6,50 €
    iced coffee
    6,00 €


    Transparency regarding additives and allergens:

    Our products are always freshly prepared. In order to offer you appropriate quality, it is unavoidable to work with additives. We would be happy to provide you with a list of additives and allergens.


    All prices are subject to change and non-binding and do not constitute legally binding offers.


    Eifel restaurantEifel restaurant


    The castle hotel in Neuerburg, near the Luxembourg border

    Eifel · Hotel · Golf vacation · Hiking · Accommodation · Guesthouse · Sights · Eifel vacation · Guest house · Biker

    Schloss-Hotel-Restaurant-Pension-Familie Kruft

    54673 Neuerburg/Südeifel
    Bitburger Straße 13
    Telefon +49 6564 2373

    60 beds · Guesthouse · Restaurant · Guesthouse · Bowling alley


    Schloss Hotel Neuerburg

      Bitburger Straße 13

      D-54673 Neuerburg/Südeifel

      +49 6564 2373




    Schlosshotel Neuerburg is a hotel and restaurant located in the breathtaking region of Southern Eifel in Germany.

    Our mission is to provide our guests with unforgettable moments and introduce them to the beauty of the Southern Eifel. We value quality, hospitality, and excellence in everything we do.

    Our rooms are cozy and comfortably furnished, offering a relaxing retreat for travelers and vacationers.

    For a more casual atmosphere, our restaurant or pub next door invites you to enjoy sociable evenings.

    Schlosshotel Neuerburg caters to tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the Southern Eifel and to travelers seeking a charming place to stop. We are committed to providing each guest with a memorable stay.