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    White wines

    Riesling Brauneberger Juffer - Semi-dry wine
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    20,50 €
    Fruity Riesling with fresh aromas of apricot, nectarine and peach. There are also notes of pear and apple. It is juicy, yet close and wonderfully harmonious. On the palate flatters the lively fruit sweetness.  
    Rieslin Kestener Paulinsberg - mild / lovely
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    21,50 €
    Fruity sweet, with an intense scent of grapefruit, mirabelle plum and apricot. These are joined by notes of white peach. On the palate, the late harvest is dense with fresh fruit sweetness.  
    Blanc De Koir Spätburgunder & Merlot
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    19,50 €
    From the best red pinot noir and Merlot this gold-colored wine is pressed. The "Blanc de Noir" - white from red - thirsted for dewy redcurrants and green herbs and pours over the tongue a rousing creamy wave of bright red cherries, citrus fruits and minerals.  
    Pinot Blanc, Kestener Herrenberg - dry
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    18,00 € 
    Wide, multi-faceted spectrum of fragrance and taste nuances, very floral, fruity aromas of citrus, pineapple, apple, pear, apricot and quince are to be found. Soft, velvety finish.  
    Gray Burgundy, Monzeler Paulinslay - dry
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    19,00 €
    The Pinot Gris convinces with a full bouquet and intense aromas of various flavors, especially pears, pineapple, citrus fruits.  
    Epicuro Chardonnay / Fiano IGT Bianco - dry
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    18,50 €
    Monte Porzio Catone Italy / Puglia, taste-intense white wine, delicately melting in the style with supple fullness and fine fruit flavors.  


    Luc Saint-Roche rosé wine fruity / dry
    19,00 € 
    France - Languedoc - Mont Baudile region, wonderfully fruity, juicy and refreshing rosé - fragrant and refreshing in the taste.  
    Rosé Kestener Herrenberg - fine tart
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    16,50 €
    Light and fruity rosé. Delicate scent of strawberries and raspberries. Juicy structure, powerfully spicy, harmoniously light elegant fruit sweetness.  
    Monmousseau Rosé d'Anjou - mild / lovely 17,50 €
    Caves Monmousseau / Loire - France, harmonious, fruity rosé with a clear residual sweetness.  


    Dornfelder, winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle - Semi-dry wine 18,50 €
    As he pans the glass, he exudes fine forest berry aromas. However, you can also smell currants, cherries, sour cherries, elderberries or blackberries.  
    Sankt Laurent, Kestener Paulinsberg - dry
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    19,00 € 
    The bouquet of the Saint Laurent is fruity and has subtle notes of cherry and elderberries.  
    Dunkelfelder, Monzeler Kätzchen - dry
    winery Klas-Monzel/Moselle
    19,50 €
    The Dunkelfelder is a rarely occurring variety. Their grape yield is very low and their pulp is already colored black, which makes them distinct from all red wines.  
    Le Bellevue du Chateau Marguerite - dry 20,50 €
    Chateau Marguerite / Fronton north of Toulouse, full-bodied, harmonious-fruity red wine with a great structure.  
    Epicuro Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC "II Fondatore" - dry 19,50 €
    Monte Porzio Catone - Italy / Abruzzo, intense, powerful red wine with dense fruit, soft and full-bodied with a velvety finish.  
    Bodegas Balbas - Barrica DO - dry 25,00 €
    Bodegas Balbas Spain / Ribera del Duero, 100% Tempranillo - aged in oak barrels. Intense on the palate, with great berry flavors, full-bodied, with a long finish.  
    Casillero del Diablo - Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva - dry 24,00 €
    Concha y Toro, Chile, elegant red wine with an intense cherry and plum bouquet, subtle vanilla and roasted aromas, - many times awarded !!  
    Trio Reserva Merlot - Carmenère - Cabernet Sauvignon - dry 28,00 €
    Concha y Toro, Chile, spicy red wine with a lot of flavor, with great pronounced fruit aromas, concentrated, with a long finish - just great !!  
    Dear guests, we have deliberately avoided the usual vintage specifications of the wines, as we always strive to select the best vintages as they change more frequently!  

    All prices are non-binding and do not constitute legally binding offers.

    The castle hotel in Neuerburg, near the Luxembourg border

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    Schloss-Hotel-Restaurant-Pension-Familie Kruft

    54673 Neuerburg/Südeifel
    Bitburger Straße 13
    Telefon +49 6564 2373

    60 beds · Guesthouse · Restaurant · Guesthouse · Bowling alley


    Schloss Hotel Neuerburg

      Bitburger Straße 13

      D-54673 Neuerburg/Südeifel

      +49 6564 2373




    Schlosshotel Neuerburg is a hotel and restaurant located in the breathtaking region of Southern Eifel in Germany.

    Our mission is to provide our guests with unforgettable moments and introduce them to the beauty of the Southern Eifel. We value quality, hospitality, and excellence in everything we do.

    Our rooms are cozy and comfortably furnished, offering a relaxing retreat for travelers and vacationers.

    For a more casual atmosphere, our restaurant or pub next door invites you to enjoy sociable evenings.

    Schlosshotel Neuerburg caters to tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the Southern Eifel and to travelers seeking a charming place to stop. We are committed to providing each guest with a memorable stay.