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    Destinations and sights

    Eifel magic - excursion destinations and sights

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Eifel, a region rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage and historical treasures. The Eifel enchants its visitors with a variety of excursion destinations and sights that appeal to every taste.

    Explore breathtaking natural landscapes, from dense forests to deep blue maars to expansive volcanic landscapes. The Eifel offers a wealth of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, cycling paths and water sports.

    Regardless of your interests, an unforgettable adventure awaits you in the Eifel. The variety of excursion destinations and sights make the Eifel a place that you will want to explore again and again. Welcome to a region that harmoniously combines nature, culture and relaxation.


    Women's oven Notburga 1870 Taken cabinetFurnace and Iron Museum in the South Eifel - A time travel experience

    Immerse yourself in a journey into the past and discover the unique oven and iron museum in the magical southern Eifel.

    In 2016, the dream of our lives became reality - the opening of this extraordinary museum, which houses not only stoves and iron, but also an impressive collection of rarities and unique items from different walks of life. The special thing about it is that the exhibits come to life here and you can experience them up close. Welcome to a museum that you can explore with all your senses.

    Take the time to take a virtual journey through our exhibition, which will take you into a world shaped by our fathers and grandfathers.

    Our exhibition takes you back to the "good old days" and allows you to see the past with new eyes. Welcome to a unique time travel experience in the South Eifel Furnace and Iron Museum.

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    The Lünebach EIFEL ZOO

    Animal inhabitants - An adventure in the Eifel wilderness

    In the middle of the picturesque forests and mountains of the Eifel, surrounded by rare and even tropical trees, an incomparable experience awaits you - the encounter with our animal residents. From the delicate rabbits to the majestic deer, you can experience these fascinating animals at eye level. Over 60 animal species from the northern hemisphere and Australia, around 400 animals in total, have found a home in our 30 hectare refuge.

    Unique highlights in the zoo:

    Feldbahn experience: Explore the wildlife enclosure comfortably with our nostalgic light railway and experience the impressive feeding of the animals up close.

    The miniature village: Admire 30 true-to-original miniature replicas of Eifel buildings, including the basilica in Prüm, farms and Brühl Castle.

    Ancient Treasures: Discover handcrafted sandstone figures, buildings and altars that decorate the grounds and tell the history of the region.

    Cable car adventure: 

    Float over the forest lake at rapid speed and enjoy breathtaking views. (Please note that the forest lake is currently dry, but will be redesigned shortly.) Welcome to an unforgettable excursion into nature. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our animal residents and experience the magic of the Eifel wilderness in its purest form. Welcome to an unforgettable encounter with nature.

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    EIFELPARK - Wildlife and Leisure - Over 50 exciting attractionsEIFELPARK - Wildlife and Leisure - Over 50 exciting attractions!

    Welcome to EIFELPARK Gondorf, where adventure and wilderness await you! With over 50 exciting attractions, we offer entertainment for the whole family.

    Experience the incomparable adrenaline on the "Pirate Island Wild Water Ride," whiz down the hills on our gigantic summer toboggan run or take a ride on the "Captain Jack's Wild Mouse" roller coaster. Enjoy breathtaking views from the “Eifel Tower” or spin happily in the chain carousel. Our exciting white water rondel provides a refreshing cool down. And for those who prefer something more leisurely, there is a lake where you can go pedal boating.

    Up close animal experience

    The EIFELPARK Gondorf provides a habitat for over 200 animals. Experience the wildlife up close, observe majestic brown bears, elegant wolves, shy lynxes and cute meerkats. Our extensive enclosures are home to deer, roe deer, fallow deer and playful wallaby kangaroos. In the petting zoo, little ones can get up close and personal with goats and many other animal species.

    In the EIFELPARK Gondorf, adventure and wilderness merge to create an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Immerse yourself in a world full of fun and nature!

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    The Biersdorf reservoir in the EifelBiersdorf reservoir - a jewel of the southern Eifel

    The reservoir near Biersdorf, embedded in the picturesque Prümtal and in the immediate vicinity of Bitburg, is undoubtedly a remarkable attraction in the southern Eifel.

    Covering a generous 35 hectares, this lake offers a wide range of recreational opportunities that delight visitors of all ages and interests. Here you can explore the gentle waterways and enjoy activities such as pedal boating, rowing, paddling, hiking, jogging, Nordic walking and even fishing.

    A special highlight that makes the reservoir a real attraction in summer is the impressive fountain. This refreshing water source forms the focal point of the lake and attracts pedal boaters and visitors alike. The place is often visited again and again to be enchanted by the sparkling water features.

    The Biersdorfer Reservoir is not only a place of natural beauty, but also a place of joy and relaxation. Regardless of whether you prefer active recreation in the water or just want to enjoy nature on the shore, this lake offers something for everyone and is a true jewel of the southern Eifel. Welcome to this idyllic place that promises adventure and tranquility in breathtaking surroundings. Welcome to an unforgettable stay at the Biersdorf reservoir.

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    Bitburger brewing groupThe Bitburger Brewery - A beer tradition since 1817

    Founded in 1817 by Johann Peter Wallenborn, the Bitburger Brewery's journey began as a small country brewery in the idyllic Eifel. Today, run by the seventh generation of the family, this company is one of the most renowned private breweries in Germany. The Bitburger brand stands for products of the highest quality. The great success began with the introduction of the "Original Simonbräu German Pilsener" in 1909. Since 1929, the so-called "connoisseur", now known as the "connoisseur", has had a significant influence on the brand's appearance. In 1951, Bitburger officially presented the slogan "Bitte ein Bit" - an advertising slogan that is one of the best known in the brewing industry. The brewery owner Dr. Theobald Simon personally provided the signature for the characteristic logo. In 1964, the “Bit Cup”, an exclusive beer glass from a brewery, was introduced for the first time. To this day, no other Pilsner is served as often at German counters as Bitburger.

    Bitburger Brewery Experience WorldExperience the world of beer up close

    In the Bitburger brand experience world you can experience Bitburger Premium Pils with all your senses - see, hear, feel, smell and taste. On an area of 1,700 square meters, you can immerse yourself deeply in the fascinating world of beer and experience all its facets in detail. Let yourself be carried away by the excitement!

    The redesigned rooms of the historic brewery show in an impressive and multimedia way what has made Bitburger the leading draft beer brand in Germany. The journey begins with the company's origins and leads through the milestones of Bitburger's success story. It clearly explains how Germany's most tapped beer is produced - from the exceptional quality of the raw materials to the precision in the brewing process and bottling. The tour ends in the "Bit Lounge" in the former boiler house, where visitors can enjoy a freshly tapped Bitburger Premium Pils before browsing in the Bitburger shop. Further information can be found at: www.bitburger.de. Welcome to a unique beer experience that combines tradition and innovation.

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    Discover the Eifel

    In our hotel we have a wealth of excursion options available for you. Explore the undiscovered treasures of the Eifel, from hikes through picturesque forests to cultural discoveries. Your journey has just begun and we look forward to accompanying you on these adventures. Welcome to the Eifel, where there is still so much to discover!


    And that's not all - there are many other exciting excursion destinations waiting for you to discover in our region.


    Day trips and attractions for your trip to the EifelEifel discoveries - day trips and attractions

    The Eifel is a treasure trove full of opportunities for unforgettable day trips. Whether you want to explore nature, explore historical sites or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings, the Eifel has something special for every traveler.

    Our forests hide breathtaking hiking trails that take you through dense forests, along clear rivers and to breathtaking viewpoints. Historic towns and charming villages with their half-timbered houses and cozy cafés await your exploration. Let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating culture and history of this region.

    No matter whether you are planning a day trip to the Eifel or would like to enjoy a longer stay in this magical environment, discover the many excursion destinations and sights that await you here. Immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of the Eifel and experience one of the most attractive travel destinations in Germany. Welcome to an adventure that will stay with you for a long time.

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